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Diagnosis of toothache
at present, the proportion of pills in the formulation of Soviet pharmacies does not exceed 5%. Pills have been largely replaced by tablets, the production of which, being transferred to factory conditions, has reached noticeable perfection. However, pills have not lost their value as a convenient and valuable dosage form that allows for broad individualization in prescribing drugs.

Causes of toothache

The main advantage of pills is that a wide variety of drugs can be combined in the pill mass, and often those that may be incompatible in another dosage form (for example, in solutions). Further, in the form of pills, it is possible to hide the unpleasant taste and smell of medicines, especially if a shell is applied to the pills. The pills are very convenient to take: a pill that is round and slimy in the mouth is much easier to swallow than a tablet of equal weight.

  • In terms of dosage accuracy and portability, pills are not inferior to tablets
  • With regard to the delayed action of drugs in the form of pills compared to other forms, this ability, usually considered as a disadvantage of pills, can now be evaluated and used differently - as a prolonging property
  • The importance of pills as a dosage form has now increased even more, since their preparation in pharmacy conditions can be significantly accelerated by using the principle of pelleting

Toothache treatment

All substances that make up the pills, by value, can be divided into two groups: 1) medicinal substances; 2) auxiliary substances, the introduction of which into the pill mass is caused by the need to give it certain properties, namely plasticity and the ability (of the pills prepared from it) to disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract.

Pills "Qi"

Recall that plasticity is the property of bodies to irreversibly change their shape under the influence of sufficiently large deforming forces, resisting deformation under the action of small forces.

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The ability of the pill mass to disintegrate in gastric (or intestinal) juice according to GPC refers to the ability of the pills rolled out of it to disintegrate in water or 0.5% hydrochloric acid solution at 37 ° C (with slight shaking of the cone 1-2 times per second, without shaking) within 1 hour, without detecting a solid core. The indicated basic qualities of the pill mass are achieved by the selection of aids.

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Pills as a dosage form.